Weekly Rundown: I’m Earning My Marathon Legs

You know how they say it takes a while for a sailor to earn his “sea legs”? Well, it takes a few weeks of training to earn your “marathon legs” and I think I’ve got them. My legs are tired and sore and … strong.

I filmed a short vlog after my 12-mile long run this weekend where I talk about having doubts. Basically, last year I headed into marathon training with a solid 14-mile long run base whereas this year I had an up-and-down spring with low mileage due to hip bursitis.

After filming this video and reflecting a bit more, I realized that while I may feel tired and sore after just 12 miles… that 12 miles isn’t exactly peanuts. It’s a pretty significant chunk of miles! Maybe I’m not where I was at this time last year, but I am building back to that. I really think when I get to the starting line in October I will somehow be in PR shape.

I just need to keep reminding myself the soreness I am feeling now is just my strength returning to me!

Here’s my rundown from last week:


Monday: Complete rest day
Tuesday: 1 mile warmup, 6 x 400, 1 mile cool down
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: 6 miles w/4 at marathon pace  Rest day
Friday: 60 minutes stationary bike for active recovery
Saturday: 12 mile long run
Sunday: Rest

Total: 28 22 miles

Definitely not my finest week but really not terrible since I got in one workout and the long run.

Aside from running, I actually spent a good portion of this weekend with my coworkers. Our newly renovated office will be ready for move-in TODAY so my boss asked us to come by on Saturday to help with decorating so we could really make the space feel personalized.

I’m not done with my space yet, but I did get off to a good start! If we’re friends on Instagram you’ll have seen a few snaps go up this weekend!

A before of my office space:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.42.15 PM

And a current shot:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.42.23 PM

Since my boss is allowing us to really personalize our office areas, I knew I wanted to put up my race medals somewhere since they just sit in my closest at home. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them though, so when my art director said “let’s hang them from the ceiling” I went with it. I do think it looks really cool and since I have plenty of rafter space above me, there is lots of room for future medals!

I also bought these three prints on Etsy for about $5 each:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.45.39 PM

I choose prints that all had the same color scheme (even though they were made by different illustrators).

One is a palm tree to represent my love of the beach, one is an illustration of the state of Florida with a shot of Miami beach as the filler to represent Miami (where my office is located) and the third one says “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change it” which I thought tied the race medals in with the rest of the decor since the saying represents both my work life and my running life!

I bought the white frames at Target for about $17 each. (Why are frames so expensive?!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.46.25 PM

Overall I’m super happy with how everything is taking shape! 🙂

I’m especially pleased with this little nook next to my desk that my boss sponsored (LOL) so that I could have a place to chill out with my laptop.


I initially asked for a standing desk but it wouldn’t have worked in this spot. Oh well,  I think I like this little layout better anyway!

I am looking forward to finishing up with the decorations this week and really making the renovated space feel like my home away from home, since that is what it is!

I hope that you had a fun filled weekend and got in a run or two as well :).

Any decoration ideas for my space? I need to still fill up some wall space. 

How did your long run go this weekend? Could it get any hotter out?! 

PS: If you didn’t see my vlog from Friday I’d love for you to check it out. It recaps my day in Miami filming a commercial. It’s less than a minute long so it won’t take up too much of your time!



  1. July 20, 2015 / 6:52 am

    Thats so nice that you can personalize your office like that, and even better that your boss is paying for some of it:) Its looking great so far!

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:23 pm

      I know! I feel lucky to have a boss who has basically let me do whatever I want with my space. I don’t know how many other bosses would let me hang my race medals from the ceiling! haha

  2. July 20, 2015 / 8:03 am

    That laptop nook looks cozy! Also I can’t believe the illustrations are from different sources, they work perfectly together!

    I really liked your vlog this week. I’ve been feeling super doubtful lately (I’ve been doing great at the 5k! Why did I think a marathon was a good idea? I just can’t do this, etc). It was really nice to hear that I am not the only one with these thoughts swirling around in my head. But you are right, everyone has bad days.

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:14 pm

      Your training has been so great, I am really surprised to hear that you’re having doubts! There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to absolutely crush your marathon debut!

  3. July 20, 2015 / 9:07 am

    What a cool office space 🙂
    It’s funny how the perspective about what long is flips. Last winter I would consider a 10K a short after work run, not it feels monumental to me. I struggle just to get it done. 12 miles is a very long run! It is easy for us to forget that, and some soreness should be expected after your lower dip in mileage.
    That’s good you just get it out and move on. I tend to stay stuck a bit longer.

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:15 pm

      Perspective is definitely a funny thing. I remember when 10 miles was my easy “long run.” The distance I would look forward to because I could just go out and enjoy my morning. Now anything in the double digits feels totally daunting. At this moment 26.2 sounds like QUITE a long journey that might kill me off! haha

  4. July 20, 2015 / 9:25 am

    Great job! I am feeling like my legs are tired too, but hopefully I’m getting stronger. This whole marathon training thing is pretty tough. Don’t worry about one bad run. We all have them, especially when the weather is so hot. You have experience on your side this time around, which will account for a lot. I’m starting to get the feeling that this whole marathon training thing is supposed to cause a lot of doubts. I had them too during my long run this week. We’ll get through this and kick butt in Chicago!!!

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:17 pm

      Thanks for the positive words! We WILL kick butt in Chicago! One off-run in the middle of a long marathon training cycle is nothing, right? We’ve got this! Plus the weather in Chicago on race day will make the whole thing feel 10X easier (I hope)! Can you imagine if it ends up being one of the hot years? UGH. Well, at least we’ll be prepared for it if that happens, haha

  5. July 20, 2015 / 9:31 am

    Ohhh I am all about the decorating life now that I have a new apartment. I love the Etsy prints, they are so cute!!

  6. July 20, 2015 / 2:19 pm

    I can totally relate to experiencing doubting my ability to run a marathon…I never have before and training is hard! It’s actually helpful for me to hear others say that it is hard too and what their struggles and victories have been. You are doing great though, and I know you will have a great race day!
    Your office space is so cute!!

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:18 pm

      Thanks so much Annette! At the beginning of this training cycle all I could think about was getting a big PR. The last couple of weeks have humbled me though, and now I just want to get to the finish line feeling STRONG. That would definitely be a victory!

  7. July 20, 2015 / 6:53 pm

    Ughhh….elf-doubt is my nemesis.

    Love you new space!! And I totally agree about the frames…. $$$

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:19 pm

      We should get into the frame selling business! Those companies must make a fortune!!!

  8. July 20, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    Yes, a 12-mile run is definitely no cakewalk! Between that & your speedwork, sounds like you had a great week! I still give you so many kudos for training in the Florida heat!

  9. July 20, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    “the soreness I am feeling now is just my strength returning to me!” <—- I love this quote and I need to say that to myself in the coming weeks!

    Your office looks awesome. I wish I had a grown up office. But I teach elem. music so that really doesn't make sense… But having an office would make me feel more like a grown up at work and less like Barney. 🙂

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:12 pm

      Just watched your video. You know what to do. One bad run is no big deal. One thing I know is when you have a bad run the only thing it means is that a GOOD run is just around the corner!!! 🙂

      • July 20, 2015 / 10:13 pm

        Though I completely understand your feelings because we ALL feel that way!

        • July 20, 2015 / 10:21 pm

          OMG Barney!!! lmao I’m dying!!!! 😀

          I hope you are right and a good run is right around the corner because I’ve got 800s on the schedule again for tomorrow!

  10. July 20, 2015 / 10:11 pm

    I am dying up here in NC so I can only imagine what it’s like in Florida!! You are doing awesome with your training. Right now 12 miles seems impossible to me, which is funny because last summer at this time 12 miles was normal to me!

    • July 20, 2015 / 10:22 pm

      Exactly! Marathon training really distorts our ability to understand what a long run is. The other day I was talking with a coworker and he was like, “26 miles? That’s just crazy!” and I was like, “is it?” I mean, it totally is!!!

  11. July 23, 2015 / 9:24 am

    Love your vlog — awesome to see you “in real life!” 🙂 Ugh, marathon training…I hate how easy it becomes for us to look at 12 miles or 14 miles or really anything under 26.2 as insignificant. I know I don’t need to tell you that we ALL have bad runs, and it means absolutely nothing, and you’re going to KILL IT it Chicago. But we all know it’s true!!