Weekly Training Recap: Slow But Steady!

Hey there! Today I’m back with another installment of my weekly training recap! I received a couple of requests to put my paces in the recap, so I’m going to do that moving forward.

Since August when I dropped from doing the Hansons marathon training plan I have been doing run/walk intervals.

I love the run/walk method. It’s what helped me earn my current half marathon PR (2:57) and I believe I could probably PR with it again. That being said, I am probably going to transition back into straight runs over the next month.

Run/walk serves me well when I’m injured or lacking motivation. However, when I am feeling really great and my watch beeps for those walk intervals it feels more interruptive than helpful.

I always feel weird when I say I’m moving from run/walk to straight running because I don’t want it to seem like I think run/walk is not as good as straight running. I am a strong believer in the benefits of the Galloway method! I love it!

Okay now that all of that is out of the way, let’s roll!

Week at a Glance

Training for: Nothing specific. Just enjoying myself and building/maintaining a solid base.

Days running: 5

Miles this week: 22 miles


Rest day.

Mondays are traditionally the day that I don’t do anything except sit on the couch with Adam and Cecil.


Easy Run/Walk: 3 miles @ 14:43


Surprisingly (to me at least) my right shin was still feeling sensitive during this run. I decided to keep things short and easy with just a three miler along the coast. It was honestly such a pretty day out that I would have liked to run 1000 miles if I could!


Easy Run/Walk: 5 miles @ 14:37


I don’t even remember why, but I got home from work this day feeling stressed out. I wanted to do a bridge or speed workout, but thought it was best to give my shin an extra day of easy running so I did a flat five.


Easy Run/Walk: 4 miles @ 14:41


With my new work schedule of 7am to 4pm I start the week off with a lot of energy, but by Thursday/Friday I am really dragging. I am very hopeful at some point my body gets used to this new schedule and I no can go all week feeling like a human that is alive! I think my eyes were closed for more than half of this run.


Unplanned rest day.

Literally I was so exhausted. I came home, got into my pajamas and was almost instantly asleep.


Easy run/walk: 3 miles @ 14:16


After my early night on Friday I was full of energy on Saturday! I popped out of bed at 8am, worked on the apartment, worked on the house and then headed out for a really nice trot along the beach :).


Easy run/walk: 7 miles @ 14:55


This was the day that a guy shouted “SLOW BUT STEADY!!!” at me. While totally accurate, I was in my final “fast” mile which I completed in 14:12! I would have appreciated a “YOU’RE REALLY PICKING IT UP” but you know, slow but steady is actually really observational of him!

Story of my life: slow but steady.

Has anyone ever shouted at you while you were running?
What’s your current favorite running song?
Early morning people, does it get easier to rise before the sun?!


  1. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    I think the more consistent you are with waking up earlier the easier it will be! However, I think some people are more naturally morning people and others are night owls. I dont think anyone has ever shouted at me like that while I was running! But i cant really remember. Chances are it did happen at some point when I was living and running in the city.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Cold Weather Gear for Winter RunningMy Profile

    1. Kristina

      I think you’re right! On both Monday night and last night I went to bed around 9:30 which has made that 5am alarm feeling not so bad! It definitely feels weird to go to bed at 9:30 though!
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  2. Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola

    Someone once shouted that I ducked at running. He was drunk at a bar so I guess I’ll give him a pass.

    I don’t think waking up early gets any easier unless you can go to bed early. If your significant other isn’t on the same schedule then that becomes really hard 🙁
    Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola recently posted…Friday Fives- Exciting News!My Profile

    1. Kristina

      I remember that! I don’t think you should give him a pass, he was an a-hole. He sucked at being a decent human being!

      You’re so right about the significant other thing. I feel so bad when I go to bed at 9:30 now!
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  3. Schlub

    Waking up gets easier. Just have to get into that routine. I had the same problem when I changed to a 6am start time. Again when I started running at 4am. Just takes repetition.

    Music?!?! On my run?!?! So beneath me lol.
    Schlub recently posted…RnR Half Marathon FootageMy Profile

    1. Kristina

      4am …… I used to think that was absolutely insane, but now that I am getting up at 5am I almost feel ready to for the challenge of getting up at 4am. Almost.
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  4. Susan

    As you know, I love Galloway! It’s the best method for me but I know it’s not for everyone. I don’t listen to music when I run anymore but this past summer I had a rockin playlist that had a bunch of AC/DC on it–that I loved! I have never had a problem waking up early….like REALLY early (without an alarm) so I don’t know if it gets easier. I know this for sure: staying up late never gets easy for me because I am such a morning person. In fact, I kind of gave up trying unless I have to stay up late! And then I dread it.

    1. Kristina

      I don’t know how you do it without an alarm! My dad is he same way. He used to pop up at 5am all on his own. Since he retired I think he’s started sleeping in until 6am – hah! When I am retired I am sleeping until noon every day!

  5. Ana

    Waking up early gets easier, but going to bed earlier is key.

    Slow but steady is good, but I don’t appreciate people shouting random things at me. I would have flipped them off. but you are way classier than me.

    I am currently loving Vaiven by Daddy Yankee, that’s my hill training jam.
    Ana recently posted…Weekly wrap 1.15.17My Profile

    1. Kristina

      My instant reaction was to give him the finger, but his tone of voice seemed nice enough!

      Thanks for the song rec! I will have to give it a try when I do bridge repeats tomorrow!
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  6. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    As you can guess, I hate when people yell.at me when I’m running unless I am racing. I would have been super annoyed but you took it in stride. Tell me your secret to being Zen!!! I love getting up early buuut the first thing I get to do is run, not go to work! So I suppose it is easier because I get to do something I like doing. I also feel like being up early gives me a jump start on the day that others don’t get!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…I’m excited AND nervous for this weekend.My Profile

    1. Kristina

      I am not zen, but I am TRYING very hard to be calmer and nicer this year! Also to let stuff just roll off me. It’s going to sound crazy, but changing my work schedule to avoid traffic made me realize how much frustration and anger I would hold onto. The congestion into Miami was always so horrible and then I would be mad the rest of the day without knowing why. Now that I am no longer mad when I get to work I have such a better day. That transition has made me realize how important it is to not hang onto anger and frustration when you don’t have to! I’m a new person! haha
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  7. Nathaly @NathyCure

    Don’t feel bad about that “slow but steady” because you took the decision to go out and run and do something positive for you, unlike that person who shouted at you. I would’ve been so pissed, haha. Thank God you took it well.

    I love Galloway method. I started running with it and now I’m in a point where I run one mile (between 9:30 – 10 minutes) and then walk for 30 seconds to one minute. Ironically, It seems to work good for my speed.
    Nathaly @NathyCure recently posted…Sunday Run And Health Update.My Profile

    1. Kristina

      That’s a great run/walk strategy! I have a friend who does that as well – except she walks for 60 seconds at the start of each new mile. I love it because it prepares you for taking a walking break at water stations!
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  8. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    So I’m curious…run/walk works for you and you really like it, AND it earned you a PR…so why are you transitioning to straight running? I’ve gone through the same kind of mentality; I love run/walk for getting back into running and for conquering new distances, but I prefer straight running mostly because it allows me to get into a nice groove and zone. Is it similar for you?
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Weekly Workouts: 1/9-1/16My Profile

    1. Kristina

      Yes, it’s exactly the same! Right now every time my watch beeps for a walk break it feels interruptive rather than helpful!
      Kristina recently posted…Getting Adam’s Honest OpinionMy Profile

  9. Lauren @ Lauren Runs

    Good job with slow & steady! I’m curious (and collecting details for an upcoming post I’m preparing), what are your run walk intervals like and how are you deciding on when to switch to full run?
    Lauren @ Lauren Runs recently posted…Crockpot Buffalo ChickenMy Profile

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