Weightlifting to Supplement My Running

With my third 5K race over as of yesterday, I am now officially in Half Marathon Training mode!

I will be following one of Jeff Galloway’s plans which calls for three running days a week (two 30 minute runs + one long run). My running days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In addition to running, I will be doing weight training on non-running days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). I’ve been doing squats for a while to help strengthen my legs and core.

The Types of Squats I do:

I started by doing 25lb goblet squats:

Goblet squat example

And worked my way up to doing 100lb goblet squats:

I've Squatted 100 lb Dumbbells

Now I’m doing Zercher squats (a front squat that works your core like crazy!):

Zercher Squat example

And regular back squats.

In addition to front and back squats I’ll also be doing the following:

  • Bench presses
  • Dead-lifts
  • Dips
  • Military presses
  • Bent over rows
  • Triceps extensions
  • Bicep curls

My boyfriend is a really good weightlifter so I’m lucky to have a free personal trainer!

Today’s Weightlifting Session

Since today is Monday it was a weightlifting day. We went through the motions for all of the lifts so I could get a feel for them and then I did:

  • Squats – 130lbs
  • Military presses– 80lbs
  • Dips – bodyweight
  • Triceps extensions – 40lbs
  • Bicep curls – 40lbs

Tomorrow is a running day – the first official running day of my half marathon training. I am so excited!


  1. Fat Girl Healthy
    June 26, 2013 / 12:09 am

    Girl, You have some awesome strength! Keep it up. I’m sure you will notice a benefit in your runs with this kind of strength training. You rock!