We’re Helping Puppies!

Hey there! Yesterday was a fun day. I got to help out some puppies and found a new smoothie combination I really like. What more could you ask for on a Tuesday?

I didn’t include this in the vlog, but I also did something for the first time in about three months: I put gas in my car. Now that I’m working from home I hardly ever drive anywhere. It’s so crazy but I actually had to pause for a second and think about which side my gas tank is on. I can’t believe I used to drive 300 miles a week and now I drive 3 miles a week. This makes me so happy because that commute into Miami was the bane of my existence and now I’m free of it!

Hope you have a great Wednesday! We’re halfway to the weekend!

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  1. August 2, 2018 / 6:20 am

    I hate driving and I hate pumping gas!!! I continue to be so happy you don’t have the commute and are saving money on gas! I think me not driving to work in the summer is counteracted with vacations and just other fun things we have to drive to.