What I Ate for Dinner

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you’re as excited for the weekend as I am. Tomorrow my long run is seven miles! Seven! I truly feel like I am becoming a distance runner again :). Today I’ve got a short vlog to share:

I recorded a clip yesterday about how much my new Invisalign trays are killing me but decided not to include it because who wants to listen to someone complain? But honestly my jaw is so sore and my teeth hurt! I know it will all be worth it in the end though since I have been self conscious of my teeth for as long as I can remember.

I’m really getting sh*t done this year guys. I’m building my mileage back up, I’m losing weight, I’m fixing my teeth, I’m being the best cat mom I can be  … this is the year of getting after IT!

PS: If you want to make chicken lettuce cups too this is the recipe I followed (with a few minor substitutions).

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