What I Do Besides Running: Fantasy Football!

miamidolphinshelmetI love football and 110% support my hometown Miami Dolphins!

This year I’m entering a fantasy football league for the first time and can already see it’s going to take up a lot of time. Just putting together my draft board requires ton of research and careful consideration.

One guy who I am going to go all out for is Alfred Morris. He graduated from my alma mater (FAU) and was a sixth round draft pick last year who had an outstanding rookie year. He has single handedly put my school on the map both as an NFL star (though we have three other players in the league) and as a role model in his community.

I love that he throws up the Hoot Salute (we’re the FAU Owls) after he scores a touchdown. The hoot salute is when you make owl eyes with your fingers:

Alfred Morris Hoot Salute

Another guy I’ll be going all out for is Aaron Rodgers, but that’s for completely different reasons. I mean obviously he’s the best QB in the league … and he’s also the cutest QB in the league ;).

Aaron Rodgers

I doubt I’ll win my fantasy league this year since it’s my first year and outside of the Dolphins I don’t know a ton about all the other players, but it will be a fun learning experience!

Do you play fantasy football at all? Who are your top draft picks this year?

Which is your favorite college or NFL team?

(Go Dolphins!)


  1. Nicki Morrison
    July 26, 2013 / 2:29 pm

    I play! I’m a huge Saints fan and I always end up trying to get as many of them on my team as I can lol. That’s not really the recipe to win the league but I can’t help it! My top two acquisitions this year will be Jimmy Graham (our TE) and Drew Brees. I would like a few other good players from the AFC and Houston’s defense :-). I will start my draft board soon. We usually draft the third week in August. I’m SO excited for football to start again!!! Geaux Saints!!!!

    • July 26, 2013 / 4:35 pm

      Oooooh we have a Monday night game against you guys this year! I have to admit I am a lil nervous! πŸ™‚

      We’re drafting the third week of August as well. I’m actually going to be on vacation during the draft, so I’m putting my dad on draft duty for me. He’s crazy about fantasty football. He’s retired and so this is the time of year that he really “goes to work.” He participates in like 12 different leagues! haha

      A few years ago he won the Superbowl in an ESPN league he was playing in and they sent him this huge plaque and tons of swag. I think he’s hoping that I follow in his footsteps and really get the hang of fantasy football. It’s the family business! haha

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