What I Think About When I Run…

Last week I came across an article titled “What Do You Think About When You Run” by Geoff Roes, a top ultrarunner.


(Image Credit: Luis Escobar)

Since Geoff is someone that runs races of 50 and 100 miles long, I was pretty interested to hear his answer. After all a race for him might last around 15 or so hours, which means a whole lot of thinking time!

(I personally think about Britney Spears way too much, but more on that down below…)

Somewhat anti-climatically, Geoff says that he doesn’t think about anything special or particular when he’s running. He says, “I pretty much think about think about the same things I think about when I’m doing anything.”

Some of the comments on the article where others share what they think about is pretty funny. There were mentions of sex, spider web knocking down contraptions and “when will my kids start beating me in races” which I thought was funny.

Then there was this:

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 4.25.13 PM

The commenter named Kelly and I must be the same person.

I pretty much always tell third-person stories in my head and very, very often talk to imaginary reporters about my record breaking runs! (Hey! A girl can dream right?)

In addition, I put on amazing concerts in my head. I pretty much imagine that I’m Britney circa 2001. Gotta be pre K-fed obviously!


I also sometimes imagine that I am pacing someone in a race and I give them advice … which is a pretty good thing to think about since I’m essentially reminding myself of the things I should be doing.

Here are some things I thought about during my long run on Sunday:

  • The first mile is the worst mile
  • That blogger who said people who wear fuel belts look dumb is a Mean Girl
  • I HATE bridges, why do they exist? F bridges.
  • I LOVE running down bridges! WHOO! I’m soooo fast!
  • I wonder how many miles Britney (Spears) can run… I bet I can run farther
  • I wonder if Britney or Xtina could run more miles
  • I bet Britney could kick Xtina’s ass in a race
  • I should totally watch videos of Scott and Anton on YouTube when I get home
  • I should totally make a smoothie when I get home
  • I should totally take a nap when I get home

I know a lot of people try to work out problems during their runs, but I NEVER do this. Ever.

I used to, but I made a conscious effort to stop a few months ago.

When I’m running I want to either be present in the moment and enjoy the scenery (like when I’m down by the beach) or I want to daydream and just generally enjoy myself.

The last thing I want on my mind during a run is anything work-related, money-related or stress-related. Thinking about those things during a run never really helped me come to any usable conclusions and generally just brought me into a negative space.

I’d much rather give concerts to my adoring fans and stay in a happy, positive mental place.

What do you think about when you run? 



  1. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running
    October 3, 2013 / 9:52 pm

    LOL your thoughts from Sunday!! So accurate to my thought process. I call a run successful if I’ve zoned out completely by the end :o) No thoughts makes for a happy run!