Working with a Running Coach (Again)

So, I decided to work with a running coach again because I really want to PR in the 5K and half marathon.

Don’t worry I’m not setting unrealistic expectations for myself. Trust me, running keeps me VERY humble. Last night I ran two miles, and while it was probably my best two miler to date, it was still not as easy as I would like it to be.

The thing is I can FEEL how strong my legs are now. Getting back into weightlifting has made my legs powerhouses. When I run my legs don’t feel tired. Sometimes my calves feel tight, but that’s a totally different feeling than having heavy legs or tired legs. My legs WANT to run fast.

The thing holding me back right now is my endurance; my heart rate is higher than it should be for easy runs and I get out of breath really easy. I just know that if I can be efficient in getting my endurance back I’m going to be on the road to new PRs.

The best path toward efficiency for me is having a running coach. I like the knowledge coaches bring, I thrive when I’m held accountable and I just don’t like writing training plans. I’m excited to be coached again and to hopefully make some good progress this spring and summer so that I can, at the very least, run a half marathon this November :).

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Do you like writing your own training plans?


  1. Biby Chacon

    I don’t like writing my own. I’ve joined teams/fundraisers where they have coaches and I personally like that more. More accountability and less stress on having to create your own plan. Good luck on the runs!


    1. Kristina

      Thanks girl! Yeah, it’s so much nicer when you have someone write out the plan and you just have to execute. I find I don’t challenge myself enough if I write my own plans, not because I don’t want the challenge, but I always underestimate myself!


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